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Are you having trouble finding a new assignment? Do you want to move to a specific city with a competitive salary? Or do you want work near home so you can spend more time with your family. Apply with a hiring agency that will meet  all of your needs and make the hassle go away. Knightingale is a healthcare staffing agency that specializes in finding the perfect opportunity for you. Apply today and let us do all of the heavy lifting!


Finding the perfect candidate for your facility can be a long and draining process. In most cases finding a qualified candidate can take up to months and thousands of dollars worth of resources. Partnering with Knightingale will put all of your problems at ease. We will open our large database of highly qualified candidates to find you the perfect match for your facility!


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Joana MLT

First of all thank you again for helping me out on my first assignment as a traveling tech. It was a good intro for the job. The staff at the facility were all very nice and took time to train me on all the lab departments. It was easy to reach out to you or Tory when I had questions and I was always paid on time even when I had problems keeping up with the time sheet deadline!

Grace Social Worker

I definitely miss working with you! Life is crazy busy right now!

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Walls LPN

I've never ever had an agency check to see if I'm paid!!! You guys gonna be stuck with me!

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Message to Troy

"I appreciate all your assistance throughout the credentialing process. I've learned that it takes persistence and patience to get a government contractor position! I hope this job opportunity will last a very long time! It was a pleasure working with you. "