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Knightingale Health Services, LLC is a fresh, dedicated healthcare staffing company, emanating from the beautiful Orlando, FL. Specializing in all areas and aspects of healthcare, we are the viable choice for your healthcare staffing needs. Committed to the well-being of our candidates, as well as the contentment of our clients, Knightingale Health adheres to the ensured satisfaction of our clients, from our relationship-oriented team to our high quality candidates. We strive to make sure our candidates and our clients fit. Diverse in all aspects, Knightingale Health encompasses a highly gifted and respected group of individuals from all corners of the world. Humility, Perseverance, Aspiration, and Diligence are just some of the words that describe us. Let us serve you.

How we differentiate from ther agencies

Your premiere choice for nationwide healthcare staffing.

unique candidates

High quality candidates with great qualifications for a smooth hiring process. Credentialed by us, hired for you.  Candidates presented for any position has explicable references, clear backgrounds, and skills in the top of their field.


KHS ensures our clients receive the heightened experience of a great client-candidate relationship, as well as ensuring our candidates are taken care of from the start of an assignment to the very end.


Recruiting from anywhere and everywhere is the ticket to success. Our ways of pursuing recruitment range from phone interviews to hosting one of our amazing hiring events. 

Making an impact that can last a lifetime.

How We Make an Impact!

Need a few positions filled in a week? Our recruitment team is at your service, being able to interview and credential over 25 candidates in a week!

A seamless credentialing process  allows us to push through 40+ candidates in less than a week while maintaining the superior quality of our candidates. 

Offering nationwide service, we provide staffing needs everywhere and anywhere, from the very small assisted living facilities, to the very large government healthcare centers.