Tired of applying for countless of jobs and not getting your next assignment?

Everyday millions of jobseekers, ranging from fresh graduates to professional doctors, career workers, etc., are spending hundreds of hours applying for jobs using multiple platforms. But they never get hired. Are you feeling the same frustration?


Let’s face it, how many months have you been looking for a new assignment?! And all the job applications you’ve sent, your resume must be a mile long already! Are companies blind or something?


We offer a solution to your problem. Knightingale can connect you to thousands of companies who are looking and waiting for professional health care staff like you. With our secure login and info, and follow-up support, we will keep you updated with every position that fits your profile.

Knightingale Health Services is a healthcare staffing agency that helps healthcare workers find their next assignment throughout the nation. We specialize in travel nursing, and contract positions, both inpatient and outpatient. We provide you with opportunities that are best suited to meet your needs.

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