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Register with Knightingale below to access new opportunities through our wide-ranging network of healthcare facilities. You will be placed in our database and a recruiter will contact you to fulfill your needs. You will need a copy of your professional license and basic documentation.

Let us do the heavy lifting

Finding a new assignment can be very stressful and time consuming. Some would say that finding a new assignment is like having a second job. With Knightingale we will provide you an assignment that is in your interest such as; location, salary, position, ect.

Have Your Wingman

Applying to a new assignment can be a long and draining process. We will help guide you through the resume, interview process and anything that comes your way. Our goal is to place you in a position to be the best candidate possible.

Perfect Match

Looking for the perfect job isn't easy. A lot of factors come into place such as salary, location, and time. After we find the perfect career match for you, our goal is to get you hired as fast as possible.

Committed Relationship

After you set off towards your new journey, we will be here with open arms to provide you with consistent career support.