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2nd Position

Dental Hygienist:

Dental Hygienist – Specialty:  Dental Hygienist
Client:  Indian Health Service (Government)

Pay Rate: $40-$50 DOE
Location: McLaughlin, SD

Commitment: 3 months with a huge possibility of an extension!
Dates coverage is needed:  as soon as credentialing/background complete – July 15 (with option to extend ongoing)
Schedule/Shifts Times:  Monday – Friday, 7:45a – 4:15p
Call Requirements: None
Patient Volume:  5-6 patients per day average
Patient Ages:  all ages  (majority adults)
Support Staff: yes – Dentists, DA’s, Hygienists
Type of Charting: EMR – RPMS  (Dentrix)
Requirements:  BLS
Reason for Need: staff shortage
Credentialing Timeframe:  4-6 weeks on average
Additional Info: *** any State License ***, will perform SRP’s if required per patient treatment plans,  not required to administer local anesthesia but can if their license allows. 
All continuing education courses required for maintaining certification must be kept up to date at all times. Documentation verifying current certification shall be provided by the Contractor to the IHS Credentialing Coordinator on an annual basis for each year of contract performance.

3rd Position Dentist

Here’s the job description for the Dentist need in Salters, South Carolina opportunity. (The Federal opportunity details is below)
This is a contract, Ideally, we’re looking for at least a six-month commitment.

Federal Opportunity:

Specialty: General Dentist

Location: Salters, , South Carolina

Compensation: All-inclusive rate $150-$200 per hour DOE

Dates coverage is needed: asap – ongoing for 5 years however if you cannot commit to 5 years (we prefer at least a 6-month min commitment)

Schedule/Shifts Times: Monday – Friday, between the hours of 8a – 5p (30 min unpaid lunch) (8-hour shift, no overtime

Patient Volume: 4-8 patients per day average

Patient Ages: all ages (80% Adults, 20% Children)

Types of Cases: general dentistry, complex procedures referred out.

Support Staff: SC– 2 Dentists, 1 Hygienist, 2.5 DA’s Hays – 1 Dentist, 0 Hygienists, 1 DA.

Type of Charting: EMR – RPMS, CPRS

Credentialing Timeframe: 2-4 weeks to complete forms/ 2 weeks on average to receive background clearance from facility.


  • Makes clinical and radiographic examinations of the oral hard and soft tissues, and a diagnosis of pathological or irregular conditions that can be of greater than usual difficulty.
  • Reviews patient medical history and chart for evidence of disease or abnormalities which could adversely affected by dental treatment that can be of greater than usual difficulty.
  • Studies results of examination and determines types of services required and develops acceptable treatment plans that can be of greater than usual difficulty.
  • Performs endodontic, prosthodontic, periodontics, pedodontics, operative, oral surgery and preventive orthodontic that can be of greater than usual difficulty.
  • Performs removal of un-erupted and impacted teeth, residual root tips, localized foreign bodies from the gingival tissues and alveolar sockets.
  • Performs prosthetic work involving complicating conditions such as lack of bone support for dentures, jaws which are irregularly formed, substantial changes in oral formation because of long years without teeth, and surgery on the bone and tissues in the supporting structure for the teeth.
  • Performs root canal therapy on the anterior teeth of both children and adults, and muco-gingival surgery. Treats rampant caries in children, acute cellulitis associated with dental pathology. and diseases of salivary glands and their ducts. Applies corrective treatment in cases of abnormal formation, where proper occlusion is difficult to attain.
  • Administers local anesthesia, often times on difficult patients.
  • Informs the patient about good dental health practices.
  • Provides dental care services to individuals eligible for services provided by the IHS in homes, schools, other community locations, and clinics in the Service Unit. Refers patients to appropriate contracted dental sources, such as other government facilities, or private practice.
  • Works with other health professionals on IPC (Improving Patient Care) objectives of the Service Unit.
  • Meets all electronic health record completion time requirements.
  • Actively participates in quality management continuous performance improvement, staff development, risk management. infection control, GPRA measures. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (HPDP), Meaningful Use. and safety activities.
  • Works closely with the Chief Dental Officer, Clinical Director, and Administrative Officer to meet any objectives they may develop as a team.



BLS (through American Heart), DEA (fee paid, schedules 2-5)

Credentialing Timeframe: 4-6 weeks on average

Additional Info: Must possess an ***ACTIVE Any State License ***

At least 2 years of experience as Dentist

FOR IMMEDIATE Assistance and a faster response please TEXT:

Main Line: 407.574.2143

Main Line: 407.574.2143

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