Finding Your Next assignment shouldn't feel like a second job

At Knightingale Health, we believe in being by your side every step of the way. Let’s be honest, not every gig is going to be perfect, but things can go a lot smoother when  you have a whole team that cares about you, on your side.

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The Good, The bad, the ugly:

We don’t claim that every assignment is going to be perfect, but we do guarantee that we have a pretty good handle on the ins, outs, ups and down of medical traveling. We care for our healthcare workers and do everything we can to make your travels as smooth as possible. Don’t believe us, read our amazing testimonials.


we like making new friends

I'm working on my fourth contract with Knightingale. They offer good contracts, with good pay. They have wonderful benefits and generous bonuses. Professional, kind,responsive and understanding. You are not just another contract.
Edith McDaniel
Danielle has been such a great help and inspiration for me in this process. Very kind, supportive, and patient and professional. I highly recommend Knightingale health Services to everyone!

Becky Rodriguez
Working as a contract paramedic for this agency was by far one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Danielle and Troy are like Hollywood agents for first responders / health care workers. I was always paid and any issues I had got addressed promptly on my behalf.
Joey Luciano
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